25th May 2019

Club Championship – Torquay



25th May 2019
01:00 PM

age range



All Levels


78 Barton Road

May 25th/26th


Adult Draws (25/26th May):

Open – 8 player draw – top 8 players within the box leagues

B Grade – 8 player draw – players ranked 9-16 within the box leagues

C Grade – 8 player draw – players ranked 17 and lower

D Grade – 8 player draw – SOCIAL players and those that do not play in the box leagues

Junior Draws (26th May):

Uunder 15

Under 19

Each match will have an allocated day/time/court displayed when the draws are published a few days before the start.

25th, Saturday: first matches start from 1pm

26th, Sunday: first matches start from 10am

please reserve your place early!

for more details, please contact filip@elitesquash.com | 07851 757 717


From Los Angeles to Bristol – a players experience

by Josh Goldstein

I work as an immigration lawyer in the U.S., helping athletes, including professional squash players and coaches get green cards and work visas. But I decided to get away from my desk onto the court to work my own squash game for a change. When I first decided to come to Bristol to train with…

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29 Hours in Bristol

by Hannes Schoeman

After a very cold winters morning drop-off at 04:45am in Cambridgeshire, about 30 minutes from Royston, I took the bus at 05:05am to Bristol via London. My stopover in London was cut short when I was luckily allowed to board an earlier bus than intended – score! Whilst travelling (collectively) for 5 hours I was…

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by Tom Ford

In most circumstances we tend to view our training sessions in isolation to life. Whether we are a professional or an amateur, younger or older; whether we go to the gym or we do cardio; we play the game and return to “normal life”. We use this brief moment in time to learn or develop…

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5 simple tips on how to improve your return of serve

by John Welton

Your Stance whilst preparing to return and light feet. Look to stand approximately in line with the back of the service box and keeping yourself outside the width of the service box. Ensuring you have plenty of space between you and the side wall is essential. Look to stand approximately in line with the back…

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Player Profile – Joshana Chinappa

by hadrian

When did you start playing squash and why? I started playing squash when I was 8. My dad used to play squash and I would tag along with him to the club as he would play every day and I was inspired by him! When and why did you decide to go professional? I decided…

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