Connecting a global squash family

We partner with other like-minded and inspiring squash communities to help them grow. With over 20 years of experience and a proven track record of success at all levels of player it is a joy to share or method and see squash grow in different locations.

Our partners share a common vision and follow our method. Elitesquash Bristol is the hub and feeds the latest knowledge to the partners. Across the various clubs and people we are able to share our ideas and experiences to help each other create more successful programs and players. We run exchanges between clubs allowing each squash community to meet new people, play and train with them and visit different parts of the world

Elitesquash Bath
With Bath being so close to Bristol we are able to bring a very hands on approach to this club using our coaches from Bristol to deliver the program. Surrounded by schools and situated in one of the most beautiful towns in England, Lansdown has 4 excellent courts and a buzzing junior program. Part of the big vision is to grow the squash and build an extra court.


Elitesquash Poland
Following visits from head coach and club manager Michał Przytuła to Bristol over the last two years it became clear we wanted the same things from our squash communities. With further exchanges of juniors visiting from Poznan to our summer camps a relationship developed and we began to discuss a partnership where elitesquash can impact the development of players in Poland through the Malta squash club. Our partnership is now in full flow with numerous camps planned and a thriving junior and senior program in plan


Elitesquash Bruges is one of our most exciting venues yet as we partner on the squash academy and the club bringing both under the elitesquash brand. Our mission will be to train and support the coaching team while also working closely with the club owner to build the whole squash community through the members. With 7 newly refurbished glass back courts the opportunities for growth in thriving coaching programs, events and teams is enormous. Elitesquash Bruges will be the first elitesquash concert club of its kind.


Elitesquash Torquay
Torquay squash club has been one of major clubs in the Devon squash scene for many years. Two years it was saved from demolition by a spontaneous sale to a squash enthusiast who happened to visit the club while on holiday. If he hadn’t stepped in, what is still the quirky house which hides, a bar and cafe, gym and 5 squash courts would now be a building site.

Elitesquash delivers the squash program, headed up by Filip Madaric and his team. We look forward to regenerating the squash at this important club within the Devon squash county.



University of the west of England
Now in our 10th year with the University of the West of England, we have arguably the strongest team worldwide including the world champion and number 1 Mohamed El Shorbagy and world number 4 Marwan Elshorbagy, plus numerous other professional players – see Pro team  section. Elitesquash provide the entire coaching program at UWE from beginner to advanced



Our partnership packages include:

  • Full coaching curriculum
  • Coaches trained in the Elitesquash system
  • Marketing and branding package
  • Finance package  and support
  • Administration and communications support
  • Regular consultation

If you are interested in:

  • Partnership with Elitesquash
  • Coaching in the Elitesquash team in one of our locations
  • Attending UWE


Technique development during summer camps

by Filip Madaric

We are only a few weeks away from our first ever Adult Summer Camp in Torquay. One of the major topics all players look for is technique and it’s progression. We will dive into the core of technique development across all levels. What makes our shots really stand out and how simplicity in delivering our…

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From Los Angeles to Bristol – a players experience

by Josh Goldstein

I work as an immigration lawyer in the U.S., helping athletes, including professional squash players and coaches get green cards and work visas. But I decided to get away from my desk onto the court to work my own squash game for a change. When I first decided to come to Bristol to train with…

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29 Hours in Bristol

by Hannes Schoeman

After a very cold winters morning drop-off at 04:45am in Cambridgeshire, about 30 minutes from Royston, I took the bus at 05:05am to Bristol via London. My stopover in London was cut short when I was luckily allowed to board an earlier bus than intended – score! Whilst travelling (collectively) for 5 hours I was…

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by Tom Ford

In most circumstances we tend to view our training sessions in isolation to life. Whether we are a professional or an amateur, younger or older; whether we go to the gym or we do cardio; we play the game and return to “normal life”. We use this brief moment in time to learn or develop…

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5 simple tips on how to improve your return of serve

by John Welton

Your Stance whilst preparing to return and light feet. Look to stand approximately in line with the back of the service box and keeping yourself outside the width of the service box. Ensuring you have plenty of space between you and the side wall is essential. Look to stand approximately in line with the back…

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