Director and founder of elitesquash

array(11) { ["person_type"]=> string(3) "pro" ["ranking"]=> string(8) "World 53" ["age"]=> string(2) "26" ["born"]=> string(14) "Bryn Mawr, USA" ["coach"]=> string(13) "Hadrian Stiff" ["sponsor"]=> string(6) "Harrow" ["goals"]=> string(48) "To break the world top 10, then go from there..." ["achievements"]=> string(87) "US National champion 2015/2016, Salt Lake city runner up 2016, Phoenix open runner 2016" ["interests"]=> string(36) "Psychology, Reading, Music and Food." ["venue"]=> string(0) "" ["photos"]=> bool(false) }
Age: 44
Born: Exeter, Devon