3 October 2018

Junior camp Ottawa, Canada

Bob MacQuarrie Recreation Complex


3 October 2018
09:00 am

age range





1490 Youville Drive,
Ottawa (Orleans), ON.
K1C 2X8

We’re excited to return to Ottawa for a three day intensive camp for junior squash players.
This year Hadrian will be joined by Tom Ford (HWR 60). Tom has been coached by Hadrian for the last 6 years, and is very familiar with the EliteSquashMethod. Rounding out the senior coaching team is Ottawa’s own Christo Bilukidi.

The EliteSquash training camps are specifically designed as an intensive accelerator to the junior’s regular training regime, and this Fall Tune-Up camp will focus on preparing for the new tournament season.

Hadrian and Tom will draw on their extensive experience preparing the top PSA players for the start of their tournament seasons, and we confident the juniors will catch the same excitement that is in the air in Bristol.

EliteSquash approach seeks to maximize the creative elements of the game guiding each player to discover how their unique strengths can be applied to their game strategy.

Players will leave the camp with a summary of the training plans used by the coaches during the camp.

TO BOOK PLEASE FOLLOW THIS LINK  https://squashgloucester.ca/events/falltuneup/

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