Our Bristol hub has one of the strongest and most successful professional squash programs in the world.

We combine our university squash program with the full time professionals based in the city with sessions running 5 days per week between UWE and WORKOUT including fitness training, group squads and private lessons delivered across our coaching team led by Hadrian Stiff. We offer full and part time opportunities to come and train with the best. 

players training in bristol

Mohamed Elshorbagy

Alexandria, Egypt

Ranking: 2
Age: 27
Born: Alexandria, Egypt
Coach: Hadrian Stiff, Jonah Barrington
Sponsor: Technifibre, Pharco, Rowe, Courtwall, Smouha Club, UWE, Redbull, Channel Vas, Rowe Oil
Goals: To continue unbeaten run to overtake Ramy Ashour's record (49), and to win the World Open
Achievements: 2017 World open champion, 3 x British Open champion, World number 1 for 40 months
Interests: Tennis, cinema, great sporting personalities and sushi

Marwan Elshorbagy

Alexandria, Egypt

Ranking: World 11
Age: 25
Born: Alexandria, Egypt
Coach: Hadrian Stiff, Haitham Ashoush, Ian Thomas
Sponsor: UWE, Tecnifibre, Channel Vas
Goals: To reach world number 1 - and fulfil my maximum potential
Achievements: World open runner up 2017, Pakistan open winner 2017, Detroit open winner 2018
Interests: Cinema, Bristol, good coffee!

Joelle King

Cambridge, New Zealand

Age: 29
Born: Cambridge, New Zealand
Goals: World number 1 and world champion, commonwealth games gold
Venue: Array
Ranking: World 5
Coach: Hadrian Stiff
Sponsor: Head, Asics, Ashaway, Honda New Zealand
Achievements: Hong Kong open winner 2018, Winner Cleveland classic 2018, 8 x New Zealand National champion, Commonwealth games gold medal winner 2017
Interests: Interior design, heading to the beach and spending time with family

Joshana Chinappa

Chennai India

Age: 31
Born: Chennai India
Goals: To break into the top 10, win the Asian games
Ranking: World 12, Indian number 1
Coach: Hadrian Stiff, Ritwik Bhattachariya
Sponsor: Nike
Achievements: 15 times Indian National champion, Asian championships winner 2017, first ever British junior open champion from India.
Interests: All sports

Youssef Soliman

Cairo, Egypt

Ranking: World 32
Age: 20
Born: Cairo, Egypt
Coach: Hadrian Stiff, Haitham Ashoush,
Sponsor: Dunlop
Goals: World number 1 and world champion
Achievements: British open junior champion. PSA winner: North of Scotland open, Ipswich open, Jersey open, West of Ireland open, Madeira open, Medicine hat open 2018.
Interests: Football, music

Eain Yow Ng


Ranking: World 30
Age: 21
Coach: Hadrian Stiff, Peter Genever
Sponsor: Dunlop
Goals: Top 20 in 2019/2020 season / World number 1 long term
Achievements: Quarter finals in Chicago, Detroit and Macau PSA 2019
Interests: Technology, comics and video games

Todd Harity

Bryn Mawr, USA

Ranking: World 53
Age: 26
Born: Bryn Mawr, USA
Coach: Hadrian Stiff
Sponsor: Harrow
Goals: To break the world top 10, then go from there...
Achievements: US National champion 2015/2016, Salt Lake city runner up 2016, Phoenix open runner 2016
Interests: Psychology, Reading, Music and Food.

James Peach

Yorkshire, UK

Ranking: World 190
Age: 23
Born: Yorkshire, UK
Coach: Hadrian Stiff
Sponsor: Karakal
Goals: To Break the top 100 by end 2020/21 season
Achievements: Semi finals Capra Baerum Open 2019 PSA, 3 x British junior champion
Interests: All sports, Deep techno, travel

Tom Ford

Worcester, England

Ranking: Highest World ranking 60
Age: 24
Born: Worcester, England
Coach: Hadrian Stiff
Sponsor: Karakal, Salming, Bristol Chiropractic, SF Planning
Achievements: City Hall PSA Challenger Anadia 2014 Winner, NSA Open 2014 Winner, European Junior number 1. www.tomfordsquash.com
Interests: Music, yoga, movies, crab fishing and puppet making

Emilia Korhonen

Espoo, Finland

Ranking: World 111
Age: 23
Born: Espoo, Finland
Coach: Hadrian Stiff
Sponsor: Karakal
Goals: To break to 75 during 2019/2020 season
Achievements: Runner up Finland National championships 2019, Winner challenger PSA Sweden 2019
Interests: Travelling, Movies

David Baillardgeon

Montreal, Canada

Ranking: World 115
Age: 22
Born: Montreal, Canada
Coach: Hadrian Stiff, Yvon Provencal
Sponsor: Harrow
Interests: Travelling, reading, nutrition.

Filip Jarota

Szczecin, Poland

Ranking: Polish number 1
Age: 19
Born: Szczecin, Poland
Coach: Hadrian Stiff
Sponsor: Eye Rackets
Goals: To break into the top 200 in the world
Achievements: 2 x Polish national champion, Semi finals swiss junior open, European Junior top 8 ranking
Interests: Squash, travel, reading

Sean Conroy

Dublin, Ireland

Ranking: World 122
Age: 25
Born: Dublin, Ireland
Coach: Angus Kirkland, Hadrian Stiff and Ian Thomas
Sponsor: Karakal
Goals: Top 100 in 2019/2020 season
Achievements: Winner Bendingo international 5K PSA, Australia, Semi Final Falcon cup 5K PSA, Belarus
Interests: Cinema, watching and playing sports

Theis Houlberg

Herlev, Denmark

Ranking: Danish number 5
Age: 21
Born: Herlev, Denmark
Coach: Hadrian Stiff, Beth Bond
Sponsor: Head
Goals: To become the most successful Danish player
Achievements: Represented Denmark in European Championships 2017, Member of UWE team winning British university team champions
Interests: Travel, Reading, Music and hangliding

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