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The connection between body and mind in order to bring the best performances in practice and competition lies at the heart of how we teach. All players feel at their best when this balance is achieved but it takes practice and guidance to find consistently, our coaching team are experts in helping players find this. We teach that feeling and trusting in the process of learning and competing is at the heart of reaching your best.

Players must be honest and open about their strengths and weaknesses and have the courage to accept and learn in the face of possible failure.  Squash can be an enormously powerful environment in which to develop individuals. It challenges each player to face difficulties and fears and to learn, grow and progress in the face of such challenges. In this context it is about more than just sport, it is an opportunity to develop skills for life. Our method aims to give players these skills to thrive and reach their full potential on and off the court.

The connection between body and mind in order to bring the best performances in practice and competition lies at the heart of how we teach.

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Reflectiions from the British junior open 2020

by hadrian

The British junior open has helped produce and signpost some of the best players in the world. Many juniors dream of winning this title and focus all their efforts to become good enough to lift the trophy and join the famous names engraved into the silver. If you are at this event you are serious;…

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Young Indian star flourishes from the intensive Bristol experience

by hadrian

We recently hosted Tanishka Jain a top ranked junior from India and her mother for a month of intensive coaching and training in Bristol. Tanishka’s father¬†joined for the last few days to witness the improvements. ‘Thank you Sir for briefing us about Tanishka’s daily schedule that needs to be followed on a day to basis….

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Technique development during summer camps

by Filip Madaric

We are only a few weeks away from our first ever Adult Summer Camp in Torquay. One of the major topics all players look for is technique and it’s progression. We will dive into the core of technique development across all levels. What makes our shots really stand out and how simplicity in delivering our…

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From Los Angeles to Bristol – a players experience

by Josh Goldstein

I work as an immigration lawyer in the U.S., helping athletes, including professional squash players and coaches get green cards and work visas. But I decided to get away from my desk onto the court to work my own squash game for a change. When I first decided to come to Bristol to train with…

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