Body mind harmony



The connection between body and mind in order the bring the best performances in practice and competition lies at the heart of how we teach. All players feel at their best when this balance is achieved but it takes practice and guidance to find consistently. Using language which is free from judgement and filled with purpose and positivity helps unlock the nervous system of the players to ‘open up’ their minds to allow technical change and new feelings in the body become easy. The understanding of the individual also plays a major role for the coach and come from the ongoing relationship between player and coach. This is centred around trust and confidence in an agreed vision.

Relaxation of the body in order to find rhythm and timing is at the start of every session. This also allows natural movement patterns to emerge from where technique can be added and guided. The relaxed but sharp player still able to be deadly and intelligent on the court and use the ease of movement and skill to solve the technical and tactical challenges faced with clarity.

Our system works through the following simple steps to begin for each player:

  • Functional movement assessment testing balance, movement timing, multi directional changes, hip function and lunge technique, rhythm, timing, coordination and proprioception
  • Finding rhythm and timing of movement to and from the ball
  • Relaxation of swing and linking to movement rhythm and timing
  • Development of feel, skill and ball control with feeds, routines, games and movement patterns
  • Develop personal game style by identifying and building on the natural strengths and attacking shots


“Hadrian is focusing on my movement and my warm up routine that I do before training and matches. It makes moving more simple and easier to get to the ball. Also working on my first movement from the middle of court to volley more and get faster in and out of the front corners. I’m sure he will continue to help me a lot in my career”.
Marwan El Shorbagy, World #6

“Working on my movement fluency for the past year has completely transformed my game. My rhythm and efficiency of movement improved so much that I am expending a lot less energy during training and matches and this has had a major influence on winning two tournaments so far this year. This process has also led into swing relaxation and feel which has in turn improved my short game and allowed me to attack the front with much more confidence”. Tom Ford, World #108