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Mihal Przytula

Club manager and lead coach Poznan

Position: Club manager and lead coach Poznan
Venue: Array

Konrad Tyma

Lead coach junior academy Poznan, Poland

Position: Lead coach junior academy Poznan, Poland
Age: 26
Coaching: Konrad was a product the the elitesquash junior program in Bristol, UK and it became a natural progression to pass on this knowledge to the next generation. Konrad world with elitesquash in Bristol for 5 years before taking the role in Malta squash as lead coach.
Goals: To grow the junior program to 80 players in the 2018/19
Junior: Top 20 UK rankings
Senior: Polish top 5 senior
Venue: Array

Filip Madaric

Lead coach elitesquash Torquay

Position: Lead coach elitesquash Torquay
Age: 28
Born: Croatia
Coaching: 12 years experience in running programs and events in Croatia and Luxembourg. Filip coaches all levels from beginner to advanced squash players and also racketball.
Goals: To build the torquay squash program into he leading academy in the Devon region. To grow the junior program to over 100 players through a thriving and progressive environment.
Venue: Array

Tom Ford

Lead junior and adult coach Bristol

Position: Lead junior and adult coach Bristol
Age: 24
Born: Cheltenham
Coaching: 4 years coaching experience with all levels from Beginner juniors to Professional players. Tom is one of our lead coaches on the advanced junior camps and adult camps.
Junior: European Junior number 1, England junior number 1
Senior: Saskatoon international PSA Winner 2016, Kent open 2016 PSA winner, Goodlife open PSA winner 2015,

Hadrian Stiff

Director and founder of elitesquash

Position: Director and founder of elitesquash
Age: 44
Born: Exeter, Devon
Coaching: Over 20 years coaching experience with a proven track record of producing top players including 3 x national junior champions and 12 x regional champions. Coach to some of the worlds best professionals including World #1 and World champion Mohamed El Shorbagy, World #4 Marwan El Shorbagy and World #7 Joelle King.
Goals: For elitesquash to provide the best possible coaching environment for all levels of player. On a personal level to continue to grow and improve as a coach helping each player realise their full potential.
Junior: Reached England under 19 number 1. British Open Junior runner up. Captained England to win the home internationals.
Senior: Winner: Italian open, Czech open, New York open. Barcelona open and Swiss open. Highest world ranking: 50 Highest U.K ranking: 15.

Richard King

Junior development manager, junior and adult coach - all levels

Position: Junior development manager, junior and adult coach - all levels
Age: 26
Born: Winchester, Hampshire
Coaching: Coached international level juniors and world class professionals including Youssef Solimon, Joelle King and Todd Harity. Richard is head of the junior program and adult programs in Bristol. He is a lead coach on junior and adult camps. ESR qualified level 3. Pilates instructor.
Goals: To have over 100 juniors in the develoment program in Bristol and a thriving adult program. To continue to grow as a coach and become the best I can be.
Junior: Hampshire county team in all age groups. Reached top 20 in England in the under 17 and under 19 categories
Senior: Avon and Hampshire county player.

John Welton

Adult development manager, junior and adult - all levels. Lead coach at elitesquash BATH

Position: Adult development manager, junior and adult - all levels. Lead coach at elitesquash BATH
Age: 28
Born: Exeter, Devon
Coaching: John came through the elitesquash junior program many years ago and now flourishes as a coach. Over the last 5 years has taught adults of all levels individually, in groups and camps from beginners to advanced.
Junior: Devon county junior team under 17 and under 19 age groups
Senior: Avon county team - National club team

Clive Stiff

Junior and adult coach - all round guru

Position: Junior and adult coach - all round guru
Age: 72
Born: Westwood Ho
Coaching: Clive has been coaching for over 50 years and was (and still is) the inspiration and role model to Son Hadrian beginning squash. He has worked with all levels of players and continues to inspire and educate all members of the program. Clive can be seen coaching the 3 year old beginners on a Sunday morning and also telling the professionals how to practice properly - as well as smashing them at table tennis.
Junior: England number 1 under 23. Under 19 British Junior open finalist 1962.
Senior: One of the best players to emerge from the South West of England. Winner of numerous regional and national events and in later career winner of the British open masters in the over 55 age group.

Beth Bond

Strength and Conditioning Coach

Position: Strength and Conditioning Coach
Age: 25
Born: Windsor, UK
Coaching: Strength and Conditioning Coach to many of the worlds best squash players including World 52 Todd Harrity, Youssef Soliman and NZ top 5 Ellie Epke. Beth has a First Class Honours degree in 'Strength and Conditioning’ Bsc, Personal Training (level 3), GP Referral Diploma (level 4), Spin Instructor, Pre and Post Natal Exercise Specialist, and qualified in Kinesiology Taping.
Goals: To maximise athletic development through the use of sport specific performance training. Includes creating, coaching & monitoring individualised training programs that focus on enhancing movement efficiency, power and agility during competition. Also help to educate, screen and prevent sport specific injuries.

Seamus Singh

Mini squash coach Bristol

Position: Mini squash coach Bristol
Age: 58
Born: Cambridge, UK
Coaching: Level 1 ESR, 2 years experience leading mini squash program
Goals: Goals for the Sunday coaching program : My goals for the Sunday program is to to see loads of kids thoroughly enjoying themselves and feeding into mid week programmes. My biggest goal is to ultimately see children growing up enjoying squash to whatever level they can achieve and playing the game with members of their family for the rest of their lives.

Ed Cross

Assistant junior coach Bath

Position: Assistant junior coach Bath
Age: 25
Born: Reading
Coaching: Level 2 ESR qualified, 4 years experience coaching juniors, intermediate adults and university teams.
Senior: Premier A division player Avon league


5 Simple tips to improve your drive

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The effects of the emotions on performance

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Anyone who plays squash and has a desire to play well will know the effects of pressure on the performance all too well. There are many factors which can effect how we feel on the court depending on the occasion and the environment. Its normal for games to be won and lost as a product of…

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Much more than squash – how our sport can help shape lives

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Competition and sport can teach you many things about yourself and your development off the court. I’m writing this short article about a particular journey one of our juniors is taking at present. I wanted to share it with you all as I am very proud and also very aware that many coaches/parents/juniors/adults will have…

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Why its the foot that actually hits the ball first

by hadrian

One of the most common coaching lessons with players of all levels is helping bring power and control when hitting drives and volleys on the backhand side. I’m sure we all know that feeling when the opponent hits an attacking length that if not played before the back wall the ball will die, its puts…

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An improver’s guide to squash : 5 top tips

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In this essential ‘improver’s guide’ to squash, players who are looking to improve their game will learn a mixture of technical and tactical tips that will help them make giant leaps forward. These top tips have been put together by ex-world professional women’s squash player, turned coach, Kylie Lindsay (nz), who’s visiting here in Bristol…

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