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Joelle King

Cambridge, New Zealand

Age: 29
Born: Cambridge, New Zealand
Goals: World number 1 and world champion, commonwealth games gold
Venue: Array
Ranking: World 9
Coach: Hadrian Stiff
Sponsor: Head, Asics, Ashaway, Honda New Zealand
Achievements: Winner cleveland classic 2018, 7 x New Zealand National champion, China open 2017 semi finalist, Macau Open 2017 runner up, US open 2017 semi finalist, Carol Weymuller open 2017 runner up.
Interests: Interior design, heading to the beach and spending time with family

Mohamed Elshorbagy

Alexandria, Egypt

Ranking: 2
Age: 27
Born: Alexandria, Egypt
Coach: Hadrian Stiff, Jonah Barrington, David Palmer
Sponsor: Technifibre, Pharco, Rowe, Courtwall, Smouha Club, UWE, Redbull, Channel Vas, Rowe Oil
Goals: To continue unbeaten run to overtake Ramy Ashour's record (49), and to win the World Open
Achievements: Current World open champion, 2 x British Open champion, World number 1 for 28 months
Interests: Tennis, cinema, great sporting personalities and sushi

Marwan Elshorbagy

Alexandria, Egypt

Ranking: 4
Age: 25
Born: Alexandria, Egypt
Coach: Hadrian Stiff, Haitham Ashoush, Ian Thomas
Sponsor: UWE, Tecnifibre, Channel Vas
Goals: To reach world number 1 - and fulfil my maximum potential
Achievements: World open runner up 2017, Pakistan open winner 2017, Detroit open winner 2018
Interests: Cinema, Bristol, good coffee!

Todd Harity

Bryn Mawr, USA

Ranking: World 53
Age: 26
Born: Bryn Mawr, USA
Coach: Hadrian Stiff
Sponsor: Harrow
Goals: To break the world top 10, then go from there...
Achievements: US National champion 2015/2016, Salt Lake city runner up 2016, Phoenix open runner 2016
Interests: Psychology, Reading, Music and Food.

Josh Masters

Maidstone, England

Ranking: World 56
Age: 22
Born: Maidstone, England
Coach: Hadrian Stiff, Ben Ford
Sponsor: Unsquashable
Goals: To reach top 30 by end 2017
Achievements: Winner Saskatoon boast Canada 2016, Winner Austrian open 2016, Winner Bexley open 2015
Interests: Music, Skateboarding, sport.

Tom Ford

Worcester, England

Ranking: 174
Age: 23
Born: Worcester, England
Coach: Hadrian Stiff
Sponsor: Karakal, Salming, Bristol Chiropractic, SF Planning
Achievements: City Hall PSA Challenger Anadia 2014 Winner, NSA Open 2014 Winner, European Junior number 1.
Interests: Music, yoga, movies, crab fishing and puppet making

Roshan Bharos

Zoetermeer, Netherlands

Ranking: 288
Age: 21
Born: Zoetermeer, Netherlands
Coach: Hadrian Stiff
Sponsor: Dunlop, Hi-Tec
Goals: To enter the top 250 in PSA rankings by March 2016
Achievements: Dutch Junior Champion 2013 and Number 1
Interests: Fiction Stories, Cartoons and Blindfolded Tiddlywinks

Lily Taylor


Ranking: World 157
Age: 20
Born: Leicester
Coach: Hadrian Stiff, SImon Taylor, Beth Bond
Sponsor: Dunlop
Goals: To Reach world top 10
Achievements: English junior champion U17, Runner up Solent classic 2017

Brian Byrne


Ranking: 183
Age: 31
Born: Ireland
Coach: Hadrian Stiff
Sponsor: Mantis
Interests: Family.

Theis Houlberg

Herlev, Denmark

Ranking: Danish number 5
Age: 21
Born: Herlev, Denmark
Coach: Hadrian Stiff, Beth Bond
Sponsor: Head
Goals: To become the most successful Danish player
Achievements: Represented Denmark in European Championships 2017, Member of UWE team winning British university team champions
Interests: Travel, Reading, Music and hangliding

Bradley Masters

Maidstone, Kent

Ranking: 165
Age: 20
Born: Maidstone, Kent
Coach: Hadrian Stiff, Ben Ford
Sponsor: Tecnifibre
Goals: To break into word top 100 by end 2018
Achievements: Semi final Italian open $5000 PSA, Quarter finals German open $5000 PSA
Interests: Business (UWE), All sports, Music

Youssef Soliman

Cairo, Egypt

Ranking: World 54
Age: 20
Born: Cairo, Egypt
Coach: Hadrian Stiff, Haitham Ashoush,
Sponsor: Dunlop
Goals: World number 1 and world champion
Achievements: British open junior champion. PSA winner: North of Scotland open, Ipswich open, Jersey open, West of Ireland open, Madeira open, Medicine hat open 2018.
Interests: Football, music


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