This is a time to help each other

Three and a half years ago I visited the incredible charity program Egoli squash in Johannesburg and was astounded at the scale and impact this was having on families in the deprived parts of this region. The team of managers and coaches are changing lives through squash, sewing and study in the similar ways as City squash in the New York, Urban squash in Toronto and Rackets cubed in the UK. Having the time recently to reflect more on what squash is really all about the Egoli program returned to my thoughts and reached out to them and subsequently arranged a Zoom session with the coaching team, sponsors and friends.

It was very easy to forget about programs like these before this current pause in the worlds frenzy of activity but being forced slow down and stop has caused many great initiative from squash enthusiasts from all over the world. Its inspiring to see so many people creating online sessions to keep juniors and adults engaged and mentally and physically healthy during this time.

I caught up the Egoli coaches, sponsors and friends recently on a group zoom call and led them through a movement session to help keep spirits up and give some ideas for their coaching when back on court. But the current reality is that life is very hard for the families involved in the program, basic needs of food and sanitary products which we many of us take for granted and now much harder for them to afford. Any help we can give during this time will help them greatly and enable the Egoli squash family to stay intact.

Please follow this link for more details and payment link

Please  join our Egoli Ubuntu campaign to provide essential carepacks to our player and coaches.

Stay safe, well and positive!



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