Big thank you to Avon squash

One of the hardest areas to maintain sustained growth in any country is in the junior programs. Avon squash, the county organisation for where elitesquash is based is making huge strides forward to help boost clubs and coaches to grow the sport.

Recently, Seamus Singh our lead mini squash coach (and county chairman) proposed that we give all new juniors joining our Sunday groups a racket, some goggles, and a ball. The idea being to make it as easy as possible for new young players to get started and develop a fascination with squash. Within a few sessions, we have seen the numbers grow and even had some video feedback from parents showing their children hitting against the bedroom wall at home. It’s all about taking away any barriers that can discourage young people from taking up the sport, and by kitting out the players from the start it makes things very easy for parents and juniors to get the bug.

This initiative would not have been possible without the financial support of Avon squash who part-funded all the equipment given out. It is not easy getting juniors into programs and inspiring them to keep coming but by coordinating between county, clubs and coaches we can grow our programs together.

Big thank you Avon squash!

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