British Junior Open 2014

Richard King: “BJO provided a great opportunity for the elitesquash juniors to pitch themselves against the worlds best. The experience they gain from events like these is invaluable and helps further their future development on so many levels. We had an excellent showing with 7 players across the age groups and although many of them are near the top of the rankings in England they can now see where the next step is!”

Hadrian Stiff: “The British junior open brings so much value to its competitors on so many levels. Our 7 players faced opponents who at times were too powerful or too skillful and sometimes mentally stronger. Each encounter throughout the rigorous 6 match event added experiences which cannot be found in any other tournament.

They produced great squash and battled to finish in commendable positions from Lea Van Der Zwalmen’s 12th place through to players in the last 50. Everybody finished positively and managed to complete their matches with full effort throughout which was not the case for many other competitors who failed to finish through injury or mental collapse. We already look forward to next year and also look forward to applying what was learned by the coaches and players starting this week.”

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