25th October - 28th October 2021

October half term camp 25th -28th



25th October - 28th October 2021
10:00 AM

age range



Intermediate to Advanced


Workout Harbourside, Bristol

This 4-day camp is suitable for the Intermediate to Advanced Junior player.

Camp theme:  Tournament preparation (With the return of sanction events and the upcoming EJC)

10-12.30 PM  and 14.00-4.30 PM each day

Workout Harbourside, Bristol

Coaching team:
John Welton
Steve Thompson

Bristol based PSA professional player – TBC

This camp will include:
5 hours of coaching per day
Player reports, post camp plan and video tutorials

The insights of a PSA tour professional on preparing for competition


1 Day = £65

Full 4 day Camp = £240

Lunch provided each day. Please bring additional snacks.

Please contact Caroline@elitesquash.com for more details


Learning happens in the gaps.

by Hadrian Stiff

We have many different environments in which we can improve our squash. From lessons with a coach to solo practice, group training and matches there is always lots that can be learned from each. The key question for me as a coach is how best to help everyone to absorb and retain the most impactful…

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Another big thank you to Avon squash!

by John Welton

One of the hardest areas to maintain sustained growth in any country is in the junior programs. The pandemic has had a huge impact on our sport and particularly our junior programs. We have seen a really positive return to our junior squads but there has been a small drop in numbers. It is now…

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5 Tips For a Successful Return to Squash

by Steve Thompson

Solo practice, household play and individual coaching have been all that’s been allowed over the last 5 weeks, and players at all levels have been itching to get back to normal full court squash! That time has now arrived, and will now hopefully never be taken away. With a successful vaccination programme and a much-reduced…

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Lets get back to squash a better player

by John Welton

  The third lockdown has been tough for everyone, but with the government’s roadmap out of lockdown the end is in sight and the chance to play the game we love is upon us! In the last few days England squash has released it’s expected guidance on a return to squash on the 12th of…

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Keeping a simple approach brings the best results

by hadrian

Squash is an extremely demanding game requiring many elements to work together at the same time often at high speeds. Rallies can be short and points disappear quickly if your opponent takes charge. For this reason, we need to keep things simple in training and in matches. From the perspective of a coach, this is…

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