18th June 2020

Movement efficiency



18th June 2020
05:00 PM

age range



All levels


Online webinar

This course is focused on developing the key movement fundamentals to bring the advantage on the court. For each 90 minute session movement technique and function will be broken down and taught in a simple and impactful way. Be prepared to get physical as Hadrian leads you through what is needed to cover the court with maximum efficiency. Expect live demonstrations, examples of the best, Q and A and small group projects. 
  • Course coach Hadrian Stiff
  • Delivered live on Zoom call
  • 90 minutes per workshop
  • 4 week course
  • 8 players maximum per workshop
  • Includes videos, documents and activity worksheets to download
  • All levels welcome

Thursday June 18th 5pm
Thursday June 25th 5pm
Thursday July 2nd 5pm
Thursday July 9th 5pm

Week 1 Connecting the mind and the body – mindful ghosting
Week 2 Cost vereses outcome – understanding efficiency –  balance
Week 3 Integarting the upper and lower body – liunge techique – swing rhythm
Week 4 Movment timing and rhythm

‘I wasn’t sure how well the virtual learning would work, however having completed both your workshops I have been blown away with what I have learnt. I have found I have learnt more over these workshops, than the on court coaching I have previously received.‘ Course 1 attendee



Mental wellbeing in the wodern world

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Mental wellbeing is a hot topic during these uncertain times as people of all ages find themselves faced with new challenges during lockdown which tests the mind in different ways to before. These challenges are hard for everyone from children to adults but can provide an opportunity for growth and innovation. Over the last two…

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This is a time to help each other

by hadrian

Three and a half years ago I visited the incredible charity program Egoli squash in Johannesburg and was astounded at the scale and impact this was having on families in the deprived parts of this region. The team of managers and coaches are changing lives through squash, sewing and study in the similar ways as…

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Zoom sessions: Live Q and A with Mohamed El Shorbagy

by hadrian

One of the positives from the recent lockdown has been the efforts of so many people connecting online through various media channels sharing ideas and experiences. We are now into our second week of daily zoom classes with our elitesquash juniors and squash friends. This idea was sparked by our lead coach at elitesquash Russia,…

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Reflectiions from the British junior open 2020

by hadrian

The British junior open has helped produce and signpost some of the best players in the world. Many juniors dream of winning this title and focus all their efforts to become good enough to lift the trophy and join the famous names engraved into the silver. If you are at this event you are serious;…

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