The Bristol Open 2023

Enquire for dates 11th March - 12th March 2023 09:00 AM

Welcome to the first Bristol Open event. Expect a weekend of squash gold for all levels and interests. Our vision is to bring together all that makes Bristol great for squash in one event.


What’s happening?

  1. $3K PSA event mens and Womens
  2. 2 Day Graded event for all levels of players. Graded A-E using squash levels ratings (Cash Prize for A grade)
  3. Referee’s workshop with Phil Rea WSO Level 3 referee and Avon Head of Referees

The Elitesquash Bristol Open Graded –


This tournament will run on Saturday, 11 March, and Sunday 12 March 2023 at Workout Harbourside, Floating Harbour, Welshback, Bristol, BS1 4SB.

It will consist of the following events (the levels are a rough guide only and the players will be sorted by their squash level as of 9am Saturday 4 March 2023):

  1. Mixed Grade A – 5000+ (W and RU cash prize)
  2. Mixed Grade B – 3000 – 4999
  3. Mixed Grade C – 2000 – 2999
  4. Mixed Grade D – 1000 – 1999
  5. Mixed Grade E – 1000 and below
  6. Women’s Grade – 1500 and below

There will be a reserve list for the Mixed and Women’s event.

Tournament format will be Monrad – Best of 5 games.

Entry Fee: £30 (including Dunlop T-shirt)

There will be no refund issued if players withdraw two weeks before the event (Saturday 25th Feb) As we have to place the shirt order. Before that date we are able to issue a full refund.

Entry into the Open will also give you free access to the following events during the weekend:

  1. Referees workshop run by Avon’s Head of Referees, Phil Rea
  2. Entry to the semi-finals and finals of The UWE Bristol Open – a brand new PSA event for Bristol.

If you would like to participate in the referees’ workshop, please select the appropriate event when entering the tournament.

The UWE Bristol Open PSA Challenger 3k

The Graded tournament will run alongside a new PSA event The UWE Bristol Open between Friday 10 March and Sunday 12 March 2023.  This will be a Challenger 3 event for men and women with an equal prize fund of $3K.

The draw will consist of 16 players in each of the men and women’s draws.

Friday, 10 March 2023 – Round 1 and Quarter Finals will take place at Workout Harbourside, Floating Harbour, Welshback, Bristol, BS1 4SB and University of the West of England, Frenchay Campus, Coldharbour Lane Bristol, BS16 1QY

Saturday, 11 March 2022 – Semi-finals will take place at Workout Harbourside, Floating Harbour, Welshback, Bristol, BS1 4SB

Sunday, 12 March 2023 – Finals will take place at Workout Harbourside, Floating Harbour, Welshback, Bristol, BS1 4SB

Tickets are £5 pre booked here or £10 on the door.

Friday Mens and Womens Quarters (Top half of the draw) – 5pm – 9pm

Saturday Mens and Womens Semi Final – 5pm – 930pm

Sunday Grade A, Mens and Womens Final – 530pm – 8pm

Referees’ Workshop 

Referee Workshop with Phil Rea – WSO Level 3 referee and Avon Head of Referees

Ideal for anyone with a reasonable knowledge of the game and wants help with officiating matches at club level. The workshop will use video extracts to aid discussion on typical scenarios experienced in matches.

Further still, the session will introduce the World Squash Officiating (WSO) platform and the fantastic resources available.

Entry to this workshop is free.



All ages
Workout Harbourside
All levels

What you've been saying...

Usually at nationals qualifying ( they are once per month ) there are ca 30 players. And my average was 22-27. Today i finished 15. And that was not some lucky draw or something. Also talked with my local coach , his opinion that my current level is 15-20. So in 2 month i jumped for ca. 10 positions!

Thanks again, Hadrian.

Vladimir Katohhin, Estonia.

I wasn’t sure how well the virtual learning would work, however having completed both your workshops I have been blown away with what I have learnt. I have found I have learnt more over these workshops, than the on court coaching I have previously received. Even though the workshop was on movement & tactics the biggest points I have taken away is on the mindset (growth & fixed), balance and cost vs efficiency for my movement’

Arjun Patel‘ – movement and tactics online courses

‘In one week my game improved so much that it’s almost unrecognisable. Hitting the ball more cleanly and moving more efficiently. Squash is even more enjoyable now. ‘ Josh Goldstein – Los Angeles.

Josh Goldstein, Los Angeles

What is truly exceptional,  is their ability to not only get to the bottom of the issue but also, or primarily, to walk the player very quickly through the learning process to break old and implement new pattern. As for me, and I have been playing squash for 8 years now, I was really thrilled to be able to hit for the first time a decent backhand drive from back corner with a relaxed swing only after 1 or 2 training sessions. – Bristol camp 2018

Piotr Mikolajczak, Poland

Hadrian’s method is quite different from coaching I’ve had before in the style, a lot about improving the movement to make the game easier and how connecting the physical and mental sensations can help the whole body feel better and be more effective. It has helped me a lot in my career so far, not just on court but off court too! It helped a lot to get me into the top 3 and hopefully we won’t stop there!

Marwan Elshorbagy – World number 3

If you are tired of same old same old with your squash coaching or are looking for something different then Elite Squash is for you. I came across Hadrian Stiff, who founded Elite Squash, a few years ago and was immediately struck by how different his approach to coaching is. Hadrian and his team have a holistic approach to sport, and specifically squash, which is focussed around freedom of movement and creativity on court.

Seamus Singh, Bristol

Thank you very much for your personal comments, I can see and feel in myself, exactly what I am doing wrong now. It’s so good to have this constructive criticism. Hugely exciting. Thank you. I loved the course content and the relaxed manner that you delivered it. The strength and condition lecture was REALLY useful

Michael, Wiltshire

John was patient and balanced the different abilities well, giving us all strong direction on how to focus on improving our game. Lunch was lovely. Loads of fun and laughter. Really liked the way John dealt with the mental approach to the game too.

Katie Nicholls – Beginners 1 day Squash Camp January 2017

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