22nd January 2022

The Elite Squash Series 2



22nd January 2022
09:00 AM

age range



All levels


Workout Harbourside
Welsh Back

This is a series of events that will be running approximately once every 6 to 8 weeks. These events aim to give players of all levels an opportunity to access more competitive tournament squash. Every event will be running as a one day best of 3 game format with a minimum of 3 matches per player. Each event will be graded, so you will play players around your level, the grades will be calculated utilizing the Squash levels ranking. Our aim is for players to play as many of the events as they wish. Players will gain ranking points from these events depending on their final position.

Entry is done through Elitesquash website and price per player is £20. We have only got a limited spots available, and they will be given by the ‘first come, first served’ principle.

At each tournament you enter you will get a ‘Elitesquash Series’ t-shirt.

Each tournament results will be instantly added to squash levels so that you can see your level rise 🙂

With every entry you will get a goodie bag from our event sponsors.

The newly launched ‘Club Haus’ bar will be open all day serving food and drinks. We will be taking the event into the night with music and drinks after.
Drinks deal from Club Haus will be available for Series players, 2 pints for £5 usable after 5pm, which have to be paid on entry. An entry option with this is available.


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