Learning happens in the gaps.

We have many different environments in which we can improve our squash. From lessons with a coach to solo practice, group training and matches there is always lots that can be learned from each. The key question for me as a coach is how best to help everyone to absorb and retain the most impactful learning from each experience.

Having spent some time researching this it has become clear that the brain processes and absorbs the information after the event. At night when we go to sleep our brains replay the day to make sense of all that’s happened. But immediately after an activity in the daytime our brain replays the action in reverse and starts to process what it needs to do with that experience. So, for that reason take some time after a session or match to let the mind assimilate what has happened and maximise the learning opportunity. Anything between 3 and 5 minutes is enough, find a quiet place and just let the nervous system do its work. Put your phone down and avoid interaction with others for this short period of time.

Remember the learning happens in the gaps, not the action.

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