New elitesquash partner in Ukraine!

Elitesquash is delighted to announce a new partnership with Pride sports, in Dnipro, Ukraine. Pride sports club is the home of the pride squash junior academy which produces many of the most successful juniors in Ukraine. It’s founder and owner Alexander Bulkagov (Pictured below) visited Bristol 2 years ago with one of his top players and since we have continued to work together online through the pandemic. On September 1st we will launch our official collaboration bringing elitesquash teaching methods into his program fully through Alex and his coaching team.

Following the coach education set up sessions, Elitesquash will provide comprehensive resources to support the ongoing development of the team at Pride sports including weekly support and mentorship from Hadrian and his team.

The future of this partnership is very exciting as the potential is huge for this 3 court club. We will set up exchanges for juniors and adults from Pride with Bristol and our other locations across the world.

Find out more about Pride sports here:


Facebook: @pridesportsclub




















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