Director and founder of elitesquash

array(10) { ["person_type"]=> string(5) "coach" ["position"]=> string(25) "Mini squash coach Bristol" ["age"]=> string(2) "58" ["born"]=> string(13) "Cambridge, UK" ["coaching"]=> string(59) "Level 1 ESR, 2 years experience leading mini squash program" ["goals"]=> string(355) "Goals for the Sunday coaching program : My goals for the Sunday program is to to see loads of kids thoroughly enjoying themselves and feeding into mid week programmes. My biggest goal is to ultimately see children growing up enjoying squash to whatever level they can achieve and playing the game with members of their family for the rest of their lives." ["junior"]=> string(0) "" ["senior"]=> string(0) "" ["venue"]=> string(0) "" ["photos"]=> bool(false) }
Age: 44
Born: Exeter, Devon