Where focus goes, energy flows

As part of a personal development, I am part way though there is a section on ‘state’. The state being referred to is the combination of a physical and mental position which we hold ourselves. Many things will affect the state, from the posture of the body to the internal dialogue in the mind. For example, after losing a tough rally it is very common to bend over in recovery and feel how exhausted you are. In this position you are telling the nervous system how tired you are and therefore will likely feel even more tired than you are. Worse still is when we lose a series of points, and the posture drops into a shape of despondency and loss of hope at which points everything tumbles into a state of negativity with the whole body and mind taking on this experience and preparing for inevitable failure. Phrases like ‘here we go again, I never beat this person he’s just too strong’. Or I’m so unfit, I cant last these long rallies’.

During this course there was a phrase which captures this process so well.  ‘Where focus goes, energy flows.’ Think about it, whatever you focus on will likely come true. So as fast as we can send ourselves into a negative state, we can reverse that state just as quickly. Try putting yourself into a tall, open confident position with your body, spread your arms out wide with a big smile on your face and say to yourself ‘I am full of vitality, I can achieve great success if I put everything, I have into it’. If you commit to this fully you will find it very hard not to at least feel positive on some level as your state shifts.

Our nervous system takes its orders from the mind and body and responds accordingly. We need to regularly feed it with body postures and attitudes which perpetuate feelings of optimism and passion. The hard part is its much easier to see the negative side of things and jump into the depressive state, most people do. But the best in the world carry an energy which is different, pulsating with drive and belief that they will be the ones who are different. It’s a choice and we all have it, regardless if we become the best in the world or not, why would we not choose a life of passion and vitality?

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