Bespoke packages

Bespoke packages

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The Elitesquash Experience is a tailor made package of world class squash coaching in the beautiful city of Bristol.

Choose from various lengths of package to fit your needs and leave the rest to us as you train along side the worlds best professionals for an experience you wont forget.

Rakesh Jain 
Rakesh Jain 

Thank you Sir for making us so comfortable during our stay in Bristol and for imparting the best of your skills and knowledge to Tanishka. Your coaching has not only helped her to improve her playing skills but has  also inculcated confidence and boosted her mental strength while playing. It was a lifetime experience for all of us to visit your academy and a dream come true to watch legends like Mohamed and Marwan Shorbagy, Joelle King, Todd Harrity and others practising in your academy

Josh Goldstein
Josh Goldstein
Los Angeles

In one week my game improved so much that its almost unrecognisable. Hitting the ball more cleanly and moving more efficiently. Squash is even more enjoyable now.

Piotr Mikolajczak
Piotr Mikolajczak

What is truly exceptional,  is their ability to not only get to the bottom of the issue but also, or primarily, to walk the player very quickly through the learning process to break old and implement new pattern. As for me, and I have been playing squash for 8 years now, I was really thrilled to be able to hit for the first time a decent backhand drive from back corner with a relaxed swing only after 1 or 2 training sessions.

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    For those want a short and intensive period of coaching focused on 1 or two key areas. For example return of serve / short game / back corners

    Sample package:

    • 6 hours private coaching
    • 2 matches with local players of a similar standard
    • 1 match with a pro player
    • 2 hours gym assessment / training

    For players wanting a more in depth experience with a broader focus on development across the whole game. Across 6 days coaches are able to fine tune swing technique, develop movement efficiency and build killer tactical patterns.

    Sample package:

    • 13 hours private coaching
    • 4 matches local players
    • 2 matches with Pro players
    • 3 hours gym sessions

    For players wanting a high intensive package where big changes and improvements can be made. During the month players technique, movement efficiency and fitness will transform. We dive into the psychological part of the game and develop robust mental capabilities which hold up under more extreme competition circumstances

    Sample package: :

    • 52 hours private coaching
    • 16 matches with local players
    • 8 matches with Pro players
    • 12 hours gym session