Young Indian star flourishes from the intensive Bristol experience

by hadrian

We recently hosted Tanishka Jain a top ranked junior from India and her mother for a month of intensive coaching and training in Bristol. Tanishka’s father joined for the last few days to witness the improvements.

Thank you Sir for briefing us about Tanishka’s daily schedule that needs to be followed on a day to basis. Also
thank you for making us so comfortable during our stay in Bristol and for imparting the best of your skills and knowledge to Tanishka. Your coaching has not only helped her to improve her playing skills but has  also inculcated confidence and boosted her mental strength while playing. It was a lifetime experience for all of us to visit your academy and a dream come true to watch legends like Mohamed and Marwan Shorbagy, Joelle King, Todd Harrity and others practising in your academy
Working with a player for a month brings huge opportunity to make significant change in technical, physical and mental deportments. We utilised all of our team across the departments to give Tanishka the best possible experience and maximise every moment of the trip.
Each day included three sessions including group coaching with resident professionals, private lessons with Hadrian and the team and physical training with Beth Bond and Tom Lakos. As a team we communicated daily about our findings into a group chat which enabled us to pass on one or two key focuses from each session via video and text. This was extremely powerful and very exciting as a coach to feel this collective power for progress.

Tanishka was a fantastic student who managed to apply 100% effort in every session even when there was not a day where she was without pain and fatigue (apart from day 1!). As the weeks progressed her ability to kick start her body and pull more learning from each session improved. This is a good sign for one of Indias top juniors who aspires to professional squash as she faced the realities of the daily routines needed to reach the top.
NEWS UPDATE: We are delighted to announce that Tanishka won her first National ranking tournament back in India beating the top seed in the final 3-1. A just reward for a month of extremely hard work!
We look forward to hosting Tanishka and her family again in September for part two of her long term development towards the top.
For more information on intensive Bespoke packages please visit our bespoke coaching page

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