The elitesquash method

We believe in challenging conventional teaching methods and are constantly searching for new and innovative ways to advance squash players. Our coaching method is centered around a positive and relaxed relationship between the mind and the body, this allows learning to occur as a sensory process which each player will feel and own. Our goal is for our pupils to be successful, independent and confident squash players who reach their ultimate goals.
Maximising the potential of the individual
"Working with Hadrian has made a lot of improvement to my game, I enjoy a lot our sessions and its great having them in my corner during matches. We focus on different areas of my game and a lot on my movement. I'm looking forward to keep my partnership with Elitesquash for more years to come.'
-Mohamed El Shorbagy, Former World #1 and current #3
Mohamed El Shorbagy, Former World #1 and current #3

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  When I tell the majority of people that I am a Strength and Conditioning (S&C) Coach I am often met with a blank, questioning stare…This is perhaps partly due to the ambiguous title. The EIS (English Institute of Sport) defines S&C as “the physical and physiological development of athletes for elite sport performance”.  In…

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The more I teach the more I see the same theme keep showing up and then repeat itself everywhere else movement is performed at its most natural and effective: Imperfection. Also often referred to as unorthodoxy in squash conversations or unconventional and sometimes incorrect. A coach’s job is to correct faulty technique in the swing and/or movement….