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We believe in challenging conventional teaching methods and are constantly searching for new and innovative ways to advance squash players. Our coaching systems are focused around helping all players to experience and develop fluency of movement and their own sense of creativity and skill no matter what age or standard. Our goal is for our pupils to be successful, independent and confident squash players who reach their ultimate goals.
Maximising the potential of the individual
"Working with Hadrian has made a lot of improvement to my game, I enjoy a lot our sessions and its great having them in my corner during matches. We focus on different areas of my game and a lot on my movement. I'm looking forward to keep my partnership with Elitesquash for more years to come.'
-Mohamed El Shorbagy, World #1
Mohamed El Shorbagy, World #1

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  In the endless search for better ball striking, accuracy and control the debate around technique will always sit at the front of any discussion. In this article I will investigate ways in which I work towards these goals but primarily to help find that feeling where player and coach look at each other and…

              I dont believe there is such a thing as a correct technique and choose not to teach the swing in isolation of movement or involving any set ideas on what it ‘should’ look like. Having played squash for over 35 years and taught for 25 years, it is very…